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Je vous avais parlé du roman « La légende de Little Eagle » de Florian Rochat, je vous annonce maintenant sa sortie en langue anglaise, pour une fois l’article suivant est donc destiné aux anglophones.
August 1944 – France. An American plane crashes near the small village of Verdeil in Burgundy. Touched by the German flak, he would have been able to jump in parachute, but sacrificed himself by staying aboard his Mustang P-51 up to the end not to collide a house.

Nearly 70 years later a journalist, Hélène Marchal, hears of the event. But there is more to it: she finds a copy of a letter her grandfather wrote to the parents of the pilot who lost his life. She comes to understand that the house she has just inherited would have been destroyed had the aviator not sacrificed his life, by deciding to steer the plane away from the house.

Her mother was four years old at the time, and was at home. If first lieutenant John Philip Garreau had bailed out with his parachute when there was still time, Hélène’s mother would have been killed. Hélène pales at the thought: she would not have been born if the pilot had not acted in a way which, to her, is simply heroic. She owes him her life!

Who was he? The address on the letter is her only lead: Browning, Montana. Hélène Marchal decides to travel there to investigate, to go through the archives and try to find any remaining witnesses. Gradually she will piece together the life of a very young man nicknamed Little Eagle. With hindsight, his life takes on the dimensions of a legend. And with it brings the protagonists to question their own destinies. 

 The initial idea of this novel is the true story of a young american pilot LeRoy Lutz who crashed under similar circumstances with its P38 Lightning. Read in  French the article in The Union of Reims of January 30th, 2012 :
According to Florian Rochat « The Legend of Little Eagle » is neither a war novel, nor a book on aviation, but rather a story on fate and destiny. Deeply researched, it includes however quite a lot of sequences of training, many fighting scenes, and even a meeting in Borgo with Saint-Exupéry, where the hero has a poignant discussion with him about the  » real fake death  » of « the Little Prince ».
Florian Rochat is a writer and journalist living in Switzerland. He loves nature, dogs, hiking and cross-country skiing. He is also fond on the American West, particularly of Montana, where he found inspiration for his two novels, « The Legend of Litle Eagle » and « Cougar Corridor ». He is also the author of a memoir, « Un printemps sans chien » (the latter two in French).

Convinced of numerous advantages offered by the developments of the digital edition, he chose to publish his new novel,  » The legend of Little Eagle « , under this dematerialized shape. It’s on sale o,,, and, Apple CA, Apple US, Apple UK, Apple AU, Barnes&Noble US, Barnes&Noble UK,  as well as on Smashwords as an ebook. It will soon be available on other major digital bookstores as an ebook and as a paperback on Amazon. 
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